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In my mind and beyond

19 November
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Hi my name is Bethan or as some people call me Kee.

I'm 20 years old and I come from Wrexham in North Wales.

At the moment i'm working for my local council as a modern apprentice. crap wages but is a start. At least its money and a step in the right direction considering i never thought I'd get a job.

You can tell what kind of person I am by looking at my interests. But if you want to know anymore about me all you've got to do is either read my journal or leave me a comment to ask.

I don't really know what else to put in these things so I'm going to leave it now before you get bored.

Hope you all are ok and that you all take care.

Love Bethan xxx

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As I have the disability Cerebral Palsy I have created a UK based community for it. cp_uk Please take a look it and post/join if you wish.

i also have a community for everyone who likes the soap opera Emmerdale emmerdale Please take a look it and post/join if you wish.